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The Great Pumpkin

Use this clever idea for The Great Pumpkin cake to impress at your next fall potluck or Halloween party.

Nothing makes you think of fall and Halloween more than pumpkins; so why not make The Great Pumpkin for an eye-catching, edible centerpiece that everyone will love. And because it’s always so much fun to see—and taste—the dishes at a potluck, family gathering or party, create this stunning treat for your next event. The Great Pumpkin is our reinterpretation of the classic bundt cake, but with a fun twist. The Great Pumpkin cake is sure to be the star on the dessert buffet.

How to Make The Great Pumpkin: Pumpkin-Shaped Layer Cake

Step 1: Use your favorite recipe to bake two bundt cakes. When cool, slice across the top of one cake to remove some of the rounded top.

Step 2: Set the cake on a serving platter, spread a layer of your favorite icing or filling, and then carefully place the second cake on top.

Step 3: Make a double batch of your favorite white frosting and reserve ½ cup. Tint the frosting orange to cover the cake, and tint ½ cup of the frosting brown for the pumpkin’s stem.

Step 4: Frost an ice cream cone with the brown icing and place on top of the pumpkin. Decorate platter with seasonal candies and embellishments as desired, and serve The Great Pumpkin as the centerpiece of your dessert table.

Written and photographed by Hillary Black
Recipe and styling by Robin Plant

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