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The “Funnest” Party Ever

Inspired by the popular Junie B. Jones book series, this slumber party is full of activities and inexpensive ideas to entertain young guests.


Junie B. Jones Book Series

Kids love to see their favorite books come alive via reading aloud or when they’re made into a movie, so why not celebrate a favorite book series with a theme party? We hosted a Junie B. Jones-inspired pajama party for girls ages 5-12. The event featured decorations, food and activities taken right from the books.

Dinner Menu

Two banners were hung representing Junie B.’s most favorite—and least favorite—things. The dinner menu included spaghetti and meatballs, grape juice and lemon pie—all Junie B.’s favorites as found in the books. From Junie B. Jones’ signature glasses to a dress-up ball, the fun springs right out of several different books from the series, like Junie B. Jones and the Yucky Blucky Fruitcake and Junie B., First Grader (at Last!), and encourages kids to explore some books from the series they may not have yet read.

Junie B.'s Most Favorite

No-melt “Ice Cream” Cones

Rice Krispies® cereal

Mini marshmallows


Store-bought ice cream cones

Chocolate candy disks for melting

Red candies, such as M&M’s


1. Follow the directions on the cereal package for making Rice Krispie’s® Treats, but instead of spreading the mixture in a pan, form balls to look like scoops of ice cream to fit the cones. Set aside until firm.

2. Once the treats are cool and firm, melt the chocolate disks over a double boiler. Pierce each “ice cream” ball with a fork and dip into the melted chocolate; use a spoon to help pour chocolate over so it drips down the sides.

3. Place a red candy on top for the “cherry” and place the “ice cream” balls on top of the cones.

4. To display upright, fill a container with small candies that you can nestle the cones into securely.

In the morning, we served a blueberry pancake breakfast right out of Junie B. Is a Party Animal. Afterward, the girls brought home memorable party favors such as fun dress-up photos, One-man Band drumsticks and of course, a Junie B. book.

Junie B. Glasses

Make Junie B. Glasses

Junie B. Jones’ trademark purple glasses can be crafted using purple pipe cleaners. Be sure to snap a photo of all the girls wearing theirs!

Two pipe cleaners per pair of glasses
Wire cutters


1. Cut 1 pipe cleaner in half and set aside.
2. Take the other pipe cleaner and roll one end up to form a “P.” Wrap the edge around to secure it in place. Take the other end and do the same thing, rolling the edge up to form the “eyes” of the glasses.
3. Take one of the cut pipe cleaners and wrap one end around the eyeglass part. Bend the loose end to hook over the ears. Repeat with the other pipe cleaner half.


Written and styled by Christina Nease • Photography by Anne Weston
Inspired by the Junie B. Jones book series by Barbara Park, illustrated by Denise Brunkus,
published by Random House Children’s Books


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