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Snow Ice Cream

 Chill out with tasty snow ice cream.

Waking up to a yard blanketed in snow is always exciting for a child. After your kids have had all the outdoor fun they can handle, bring them indoors for a special treat—snow ice cream!


Turning a fresh bowl of pure-white snow into a delicious treat is an easy and fun way to impress the kids. Who knows? Instead of wishing for a snow day to get a day off from school, their hopes may turn toward making a scoop of yummy snow ice cream.


Snow Ice Cream


Serves 4


Prep time: 20 Minutes


4-5 cups fresh, clean snow


1 cup milk


½ teaspoon vanilla


½ cups sugar


1. When it snows, place a large bowl outside to gather 4-5 cups of fresh, clean, unpacked snow. Place it in your freezer until ready for use.


2. In a separate bowl mix together milk, vanilla  and sugar until sugar is completely dissolved.


3. Slowly add snow to your mixture, stirring constantly, until it resembles ice cream.



Written and photographed by Kristen Doyle


One thought on “Snow Ice Cream

  1. I loved making this when I was growing up. Would love to do this with my kids now, but we don’t get much snow any more.