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Pack It: The Lorax Lunch

Add personality to your lunch with Lorax quesadillas!


Melt shredded cheese between two tortillas using your oven, stove or microwave.


Place facial features afterward while tortillas are still warm to gently adhere without melting the cheese shapes away.


Get creative with cookie cutters. The faces were cut with a circle shape, while the mustache was creatively cropped from the bottom of a pumpkin-shaped cutter and trimmed with kitchen shears. Cut slices from a cheese stick for eyes using a food marker for the pupils.


Make a stack of mini quesadillas, but just decorate the top one to save time. Supply dips such as salsa and sour cream.


Adding in a written or typed menu is helpful for turning regular lunch items into themed pieces, such as broccoli trees and mustache oranges.



Written and photographed by Lisa Storms


Inspired by the book The Lorax, by Dr. Seuss (Random House Children’s Books)


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