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Pack It: The Fancy Nancy Lunch

This fancy lunch is also tasty.

Add labels or tags to give everyday foods a fancy name.



Roll up sandwich fixings in a tortilla and cut into slices to create snails. Embellish one of the slices further by attaching half of a cheese stick with a toothpick and adding two matchstick carrots for antennae. For children too young for toothpicks, skip the cheese stick and insert carrot sticks directly into the end of the roll.


Add a few flowers on top of the carrot serving by making triangle cuts from around the perimeter of carrot slices.


Easily add even more fanciness by creating a napkin ring from yellow cardstock. Simply cut triangles from one edge and tape or staple ends into a ring.


Written and photographed by Lisa Storms.

Inspired by Fancy Nancy by Jane O Connor (Harper Children’s)

Featured lunch box: Pink floral Kora bag, sachi-bags.com.



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