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Mini Pumpkin Mice

With just some basic craft supplies, you can get the look of these adorable Mini Pumpkin Mice in no time!

The best thing about these Mini Pumpkin Mice, other than how cute they are, is how easy they are to make! Your little ones won’t need sharp carving tools—or leave a mess gutting them—to do this project. They’ll even last a lot longer on your front porch than they would if carved, so you can display your masterpieces a little earlier this year. Happy crafting!

Mini Pumpkin Mice

What you’ll need:

• Gray felt
• Toothpick
• Scissors
• Black pipe cleaners
• Buttons or similar item for the “eyes”
• Hot glue gun

1. To make these cute critters, start off with one mini pumpkin. Turn the top towards you so the stem becomes the “nose.” On each side of the stem, use a toothpick to make small inserts for each “whisker.” Push a pipe cleaner into each hole, and trim if needed.
2. Adhere two buttons using hot glue for the “eyes” (you can also use mini pom-poms or round felt circles).
3. For the “ears,” cut gray felt in an oval shape (see template below), cutting the bottom of the oval widthwise so one edge is flat. On the flat end, put a dab of hot glue in the center and push the sides in to create a crease, and then glue the felt “ears” onto the pumpkin. Lastly, add a piece of black yarn for the “tail.” Repeat to make as many mini mice as you desire!

Basic template for the “ears”

By Jickie Torres

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