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Mini Bagel Sandwiches

For a different kind of sandwich for back to school, skip the slices and make mini bagel sandwiches.

More than just a breakfast snack, mini bagels may just be the best thing in school lunches since sliced bread! With their compact size and variety of flavors, mini bagels make wonderful sandwich bread to add variety into your child’s lunches. Pack one or a few for small bites that will last through the day.

Compared to traditional sandwich bread, bagels are also more calorically dense. While one slice of bread has about 70 calories, one small 3-inch bagel has over 150 calories, packing a bigger caloric punch and sustaining energy for your child longer. Of course, use them in moderation in your lunch cycle if calories are an issue.

To pack, wrap mini bagel sandwiches individually or stack them two or three high and wrap in plastic wrap. You can also store each wrapped set in the freezer for make-ahead lunches and they should thaw by lunchtime.

From peanut butter and bananas to turkey and cheese, mini bagels are a great option for breakfast or lunch. Combine with fresh fruit and a protein for a well-rounded and filling meal.

Mini Bagel Sandwiches:

1. Whole-wheat bagel with ham and Swiss
2. Plain bagel with cream cheese and cucumbers
3. Everything bagel with hummus
4. Plain bagel with cream cheese and jelly
5. Cinnamon-raisin bagel with cream cheese

by Jickie Torres
Photography by Mark Mendez

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