Bridgett Hurley is Editorial Director of all the Well Styled Home magazines.

Bridgett is a writer, editor, attorney and mother in Richmond, VA. She learned to cook and appreciate good food while growing up in New Orleans where great food and celebration is a way of life. She now loves to cook, garden and celebrate holidays with her husband and three kids. She believes that food can be healthy, fun and simple. She proposed the concept of Yum! after being frustrated with the offerings in food for kids and families. “There were health food books full of recipes most kids wouldn’t eat. There were dozens of cupcake books, but there wasn’t much in between.” With Yum she hopes families can eat and celebrate together without spending loads of time or money.

Karen Wilhelmsen is the Editor of Yum Food & Fun for Kids magazine.

Karen Wilhelmsen is a journalist, editor and foodie based out of Southern California. She is also the editor of the magazines Flea Market Décor, Go Gluten Free, Make It Organized and Make It Over. In addition to her love for the written word and photography, she strives to become a better cook and loves creative projects that express her artistic side. With Yum, she hopes to encourage a healthier lifestyle filled with more family time and an appreciation for great food.

Kristen Doyle is Contributing Food Editor of Yum Food & Fun For Kids magazine.

Kristen Doyle, Food Editor, is the author of the award-winning blog Dine & Dish. Based out of Kansas City, Kansas, where she lives with her four children and husband, Kristen has contributed to newspapers, magazines, blogs and Web sites. Specializing in social media, culinary and women’s interest writing, Kristen’s goal is to bring families back to the dinner table with recipes that tempt taste buds and spark meaningful conversation.

Gabby Oh is the Art Director for Victorian Homes, Flea Market Décor, Kitchens and Bedrooms & Baths magazines.

She is passionate about adding creativity and sensitivity to each page of her magazines so that each page looks and feels different. An avid fan of yoga, Gabby says her daily meditation exercise nourishes her creativity.