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Marshmallow Snowmen on a Sleigh

Marshmallow Snowmen on a Sleigh are fun for kids to make and completely edible!
Marshmallow Snowmen

Mini Bugel Santa Hats
Marshmallow Snowmen on a Sleigh

Makes approximately 24 snowmen
Prep time: 45 minutes

Royal Icing
48 candy canes
24 Hershey snack-size chocolate bars (or similar)
48 large marshmallows
120 mini M&M’s or similar candies
Thin pretzel sticks

1. Make Royal Icing (recipe is on page 87 of the Winter 2012 issue).
2. Use the icing to “glue” 2 candy canes to each chocolate bar. Next, adhere a large marshmallow to the chocolate bar followed by a second marshmallow on top of the first.
3. Use the mini M&M’s for the “eyes,” “mouth” and “buttons” and adhere with icing. Allow for some creativity while mixing and matching the different M&M’s colors.
4. Press a pretzel stick into each side of the bottom marshmallow to create “arms.”

Stained Glass Cookies
Recipe by Willie Bedoya
Photography by Jessica Cunningham

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