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Lunchbox Ideas for School

Need help keeping school lunches fun, fresh and yummy?


From creative foods to healthy and delicious recipes that think outside the average lunch box, consider these new ideas for in-school dining.


Shape It Up!


Take classic sandwiches and standard fruit from blah to anything but boring with a geometric makeover.


Written by Jickie Torres

Photography Trina Roberts & Jon Barger-Grin Photography


What is white and brown and spotted all over?


It could be your next peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich. With a little bit of creativity and a few extra minutes, give your child’s lunch a fun makeover with a few food tricks.


Shaping up lunch is easy with a handful of tools you probably already have on hand. Gather cookie cutters in various larger shapes. You can easily find these at discount marts, on sale at craft stores or even the local dollar store. You can also use drink glasses, bottle caps and tumblers to punch simple circles out of sandwich bread.

Use the cookie cutters and sandwich cutters to shape your sammies into everything from hearts and butterflies to cars and jets. Or, go with a simple smiley face by using a large glass to punch a circle sandwich from square bread. Use toothpicks to hold grapes in place of eyes and add a carrot strip to create a mouth.


You can use the same technique to make fruit sandwiches. Slice apples into thin flat layers and with a small cookie cutter punch out two small shapes. Use the same cutter to punch out slices of cheese, then layer the cheese between two apple cutouts for a sweet and savory snack.



For a show-stopping sandwich creation, take your hand at creating a polka dot sandwich. Simply make a sandwich with one slice of whole wheat bread and the other from white. Using the same small circle cookie cutter or bottle cap, punch out dots from the sandwich. Then turn over the cutouts and insert them back in so that the white bread dots show up on the wheat side and vice versa. Presto! You have a polka dot sandwich, which will be the talk of the lunch table.


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