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For Kids Only

Create a colorful gathering place for the children at your holiday dinner.

It’s easy to set up a festive kids’ table with colorful tableware and sweet decorations. Use melamine plates in seasonal colors, instead of ones with a holiday motif, so that the plates can also be used for other occasions throughout the year. Make name cards to help the kids find their seats; this also allows you to decide on the best seating arrangement. We used an entire printable set from Love The Day (etsy.com/shop/lovetheday).

Table Settings

Set the name card above the plate and place a snowman milk bottle (instructions below) to the right of the plate at each place setting. Wrap colorful cotton napkins with
candy cane rings, which look cute and make a tasty treat for later, too. To help keep the kids entertained, place a note card and pencil at each setting for the kids to write last-minute wishes to Santa or a thank-you note after opening presents. We used pencils and binder clips in holiday colors to keep sets together.


Create a whimsical centerpiece by placing candy-covered Christmas trees on a cake pedestal. Attach peppermints, gumdrops, marshmallows and other assorted candies onto a Styrofoam™ cone, using a hot glue gun. Top with coordinating ribbon. You can also use white cotton candy to make a snow-covered base for a finishing touch.

Sweet Projects

Fill a tall vase with small candies and let the children guess how many are inside. Afterward, the kids can keep busy by counting the candies.

Get more inspiration for entertaining at CelebrationsAtHomeBlog.com.

Snowman Milk Bottles

A favorite among the kids is our snowman milk bottles. Instead of using glasses, we recycled Starbucks Frappuccino™ bottles and filled them with milk. They add a delightful touch to each place setting.

Small recycled bottles, such as Starbucks Frappuccino bottles
Adhesive gems, 2-3 for each snowman
1 each, red and green felt squares
Powdered-sugar donut holes, 1 for each snowman
1 tube of black-colored decorator gel
Red straws

1. Wash and dry each bottle; remove labels.
2. Add adhesive gems down the front for buttons.
3. Cut a strip of felt fabric for a scarf. Cut a fringe into each end.
4. For the head, use a powdered donut hole. Add eyes and a mouth with black decorator gel.
5. Push a straw down the middle of the donut hole and place it on top of the bottle. Voilà—an adorable “snowman”!

Written and styled by Christina Nease, celebrationsathomeblog.com
Photography by Laura Gordon

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