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Hooray, It’s the First Day!

This simple spread turns the first day of school into a celebration


The big day is here. When your kids get home, they’ll be bursting to tell you all about their day and to compare notes with their friends.


Make it even more special by hosting a welcome-home party for the kids in the neighborhood. All it takes is an adorable school bus cake, some lemonade and easy-to-make treat bags to make an afternoon of fun for less than $50.



School Bus Cake


Serves 12


Prep Time: 25 minutes

2 pound cakes (homemade or store-bought)


1 (32-ounce) container or 2 cans of yellow frosting


4 round chocolate sandwich cookies, such as Oreos


2 chocolate bars


1 small bag hard-shell chocolate candies


1. Cut one of the pound cakes to 3/4 length.

2. Start to do the same with the other pound cake, but cut only about a 1/4 inch deep; from there, slice off the top of the pound cake. This will create a bed on which the shorter pound cake will sit on top of the longer one.


3. Stack the two pound cake pieces so that the shorter pound cake becomes the bus’s passenger compartment.


4. Cover the entire bus with yellow frosting. If you have a frosting bag, use one with the tip of your choice, such as a star tip. If not, you can buy yellow icing with decorator tips at your grocery store.


5. Apply the chocolate cookies for the wheels, the chocolate bar sections for the windows and chocolate candies for the lights.


Note: We added edible stop signs from the craft store, along with a black stripe of icing.


Some stores carry jumbo-sized pound cakes if you need to feed a large group. Check your grocery’s freezer section.


Treat Bags 


1 solid-colored lunch bag per child


Hole punch


Fun erasers, backpack charms or other fun dollar store-type items

1 yellow pencil per child


School-themed stickers


1. Decorate pencils with stickers.


2. Fill the bags with the erasers, charms and decorated pencils.


3. After filling the bags, make two holes with your hole punch.


4. Use a plain, yellow #2 pencil to hold the bags closed.


5. Decorate bags with school-themed stickers.


Note: Fill these ahead of time and decorate, or let the kids decorate them as a party activity.


The full story is in the Fall 2011 issue


Written and photographed by Bridgett Hurley


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