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Green Eggs and Ham Lunch

Go green with a Green Eggs and Ham Lunch inspired by the classic book.

The classic Dr. Seuss tale Green Eggs and Ham inspired this fun lunch, a great surprise for any child’s first day back to school. Adding a few drops of food coloring can turn egg salad into a fun treat. Try our Green Eggs and Ham Lunch, and have fun celebrating reading with your kids!

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Green Eggs and Ham Lunch

1. Add two drops of green food coloring to your favorite egg salad recipe for themed sandwiches in this Green Eggs and Ham Lunch.
2. Create mini sandwiches for the Green Eggs and Ham Lunch by trimming the crust and cutting sandwich into quarters. Silicone baking cups make great dividers for keeping miniatures in place.
3. Presentation is everything. Breathe new life into cucumbers by ruffling up peeled slices, while standard green grapes mimic green eggs.
4. Raid your Easter stash for a green plastic egg to hold a small treat or a note from home. “Have an egg-cellent day!”

Tip: Use reusable lunch containers and bottles for your child’s Green Eggs and Ham Lunch, as well as every lunch throughout the year. This way, you’ll really being going “green”!

Written and photographed by Lisa Storms

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