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Gobble Gobble Cookies

Enjoy these cute-as-can-be Gobble Gobble Cookies to get in the spirit this Thanksgiving!

Step outside of the box this Thanksgiving and venture away from the usual pumpkin pie. Here’s a cute dessert that kids will go crazy for: Gobble Gobble Cookies. And the best part is, all you need are a few simple ingredients to make these. If you’re short on time preparing for your delicious Thanksgiving feast, you can assemble these cookies with premade sugar cookies and store-bought frosting. Or, have a great time making a sugar cookie and frosting recipe from scratch, such as this one for Cut-Out Sugar Cookies.

You can even give these snacks as gifts to spread gratitude to friends and family this season—unless they’re all gobbled up before you can. Have a happy Thanksgiving and best wishes to you and your family!

Gobble Gobble Cookies

What you’ll need:
Sugar cookies
Chocolate frosting
Yellow and orange Starburst candies
Red sour (or regular) gummy worms
Candy/icing “eyes”

1. Frost sugar cookies with chocolate frosting (try our Cut-Out Sugar Cookies recipe).
2. Cut a “beak” from a Starburst candy and create a “wattle” from a red section of a gummy worm. Place two candy “eyes,” and repeat with the remaining cookies.

Written and photographed by Lisa Storms

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