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Halloween Party Ideas – Food as Decorations

Here are easy ideas to add to the Halloween theme:


Jelly Bean Pumpkins



For the pumpkins, Shanna used bright-orange paper cups leftover from a kids’ party. Fill a cellophane bag with pear, apple or mint-green jellybeans and tie with floral tape to create the stem; the bag top creates the rounded pumpkin shape. Use glue stick to adhere simple construction paper cutouts to make a pumpkin face.


Lollipop Ghosts


Just top a lollipop with tissue paper and tie with thread, yarn or twine. Make these in advance for decorations or turn this activity into a craft and let the kids make their own party favors.


There are so many different options for drinks. You can use vintage-looking glass bottles or vintage-style pop bottles, such as orange Crush® or Coca-Cola®—whatever fits the color theme. There is also a wide selection of natural sodas, like Izze™, that come in bright packaging.



By Hillary Black

Recipes by Shanna Coady

Photography by Bret Gum

Styled by Shanna Coady and Jacqueline deMontravel

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