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Festive Fruit Skewers

Make Festive Fruit Skewers for a healthy treat with a dose of red and blue for your Fourth of July party.

Festive Fruit Skewers

The Fourth of July is a great day to have a party. You can entertain outdoors, the food is easy and there are so many adorable decorations and entertainment ideas. Have your kids invite their friends for a fun time cruising the streets on their decked out bikes—and enjoy the parade as kids celebrate in style! Simple red, white and blue food, decorations and fun are what this party is all about.


The food at our party had an all-American theme, which included: a hot dog buffet with condiments, blue potato salad, blue chips with red salsa, Festive Fruit Skewers and a red, white and blue cake. Festive Fruit Skewers are a refreshing treat that will look great on your party table this Independence Day. They are easy to make and even easier for the kids to tote around as the neighborhood parade starts.

Festive Fruit Skewers

What you’ll need:


1. Start by cutting a watermelon into slices. Using a star-shaped mini cookie cutter, cut out stars from the watermelon. You’ll need two pieces for each Festive Fruit Skewer you make.
2. Thread a strawberry through the skewer. Thread three blueberries, a watermelon star, three more blueberries and one more star for each skewer. Repeat for as many as you wish to make. Place the Festive Fruit Skewers on a white plate to tie into the red, white and blue theme.

The Festive Fruit Skewers were a hit at our party!

Kids Eating Fruit Skewers

Written and Styled by Bridgett Hurley
Photographed by Anne Weston

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