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Edible Forest

Make holiday memories with an Edible Forest: an easy and fun project that may become a family tradition.

Let’s face it: Sometimes we just don’t have time to do everything the way we would like. If making a gingerbread house this holiday season doesn’t fit your schedule, this project is the answer. It has all of the fun elements that make gingerbread houses so cool to create—but without the extra trouble of baking, building a structure, making cement-like icing, and so on.

Use your favorite icing recipe or punt to store-bought frosting along with the rest of the items. Use sugar cones from the ice cream aisle then let the kids pick an array of candies to use as decorations. White icing gives the “trees” a nice snowy effect, or use green food coloring if you like. Try shredded coconut for fresh “snowfall.” Placing candies in a muffin tin makes for easy access and allows you to control amounts, too. We think decorating your Edible Forest is as fun as creating a house, and the results are just as sweet.

Festive Idea

Set up a table for all the kids to make an Edible Forest as a project at your memorable holiday party.

Display Tip

Place decorated “trees” on a bed of coconut snow!

by Hillary Black • Photography by Anne Weston

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