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Giving Back

Host a Cookie-and-Book Exchange party and the kids can share books with those in need.

As Christmas approaches there will be many fun festivities to attend—one of which can be a Cookie-and-Book Exchange party especially for the kids. We have all the ideas you’ll need to host the party, from décor, to printable paper items, to cookie recipes. Invite a small group of friends over for a weekend afternoon and cook up some fun! If you like, ask guests to bring an extra book you can collect and donate to your selected charity.

Have a Book Exchange

We all know kids love to receive presents so we incorporated a book exchange into our cookie party. Just have each guest bring a wrapped book to the party. We think it’s fun to bring holiday-themed books for the season. Also, you can ask the children to bring an extra book—new or gently used—that is gathered to donate to a charity after the party.
There are a couple of different ways you can do the exchange process:
1. Have the kids do a “Secret Santa” exchange where they each draw a name at random and give a book to that person.
2. Have the kids draw numbers correlating to the number of guests you have. Number 1 gets to choose the first book, number 2 picks the second book, and so on.

Cookie Exchange

It’s easy to host a cookie exchange. Just invite a small group over and have each person bring a different batch of cookies to share with the others.
-Guests need to bring enough cookies so that each guest can take one from each batch home as well as sample one at the party. Seven guests means seven different types of cookies.
-Send out printed invitations to get guests excited, and provide coordinating recipe cards so they can write down the recipe for the cookie they bring. This way they can easily share with the group. When they RSVP, find out the type of cookie planned so there are no duplicates.
-Print out our free tent cards and make them available at the party so guests can write down the name of their cookie when they arrive.
-Offer beverages, snack plates and napkins and provide a pretty display table for the cookies so guests can help themselves.
-You can make cut-out cookies or use plain sugar cookies for a decorating activity at the party (details follow).

Cookie Exchange Display Table

Set up a table to display the cookies.

-Use a variety of platters and footed stands.
-Placecards can be printed and set out with colored pens so the guests can label their cookie platter.
-To add a festive seasonal element to the food table we displayed edible glitter lollipops in the shape of Christmas trees. These make great favors for the kids to take home.
-Add a backdrop to the cookie table by wrapping a large canvas with patterned fabric. We hung ball fringe garlands, as well as glittered paper garlands to add more interest.
-Offer small favor boxes for filling with cookies. Wrapped in wide ribbon and finished with a gift tag, the favor boxes become part of the décor.

Play with Your Food

Kids love to play with their food and providing some cookies to decorate is a fitting activity for this party. We provided two sugar cookies for each guest and put out a variety of toppings, including icing, sprinkles, small candies and mini marshmallows. Give them a plastic knife to spread the icing on their cookie, and then let them decorate with the toppings.

Activity Tabletop

-Set the table with a variety of sweet toppings in the center that will be used during the
decorating activity.
-A “runner” is created by placing several ribbons down the center of the table side by side.
-Each place setting is layered with a melamine plate with a paper plate on top. The paper plate makes for easy cleanup when the cookie
decorating is complete.
-A mini milk bottle topped with a cookie and straw are served to help wash everything down.

For free printable tent cards: etsy.com/shop/paperandpigtails

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