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Healthy Eating Habits

Find fun ways to help your family discover fresh food, its origins and get on the path to having healthy eating habits. by Jessica Corwin, RD Teaching nutrition, healthy eating habits and cooking classes at farmers’ markets, I find kids watching my every move, perhaps wondering what the heck the purple plant is in my …

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Greek-style Yogurt

Learn the importance of protein and make Greek-style Yogurt at home. Think of protein as the building blocks of our bodies. Needed by all of our cells, protein helps build cells when we are growing and helps repair cells that are damaged. Proteins are essential to our body’s healthy growth and development, particularly for children. …

Asseen in Yum

Healthy Pasta Taste Test

We conducted a healthy pasta taste test and discovered that not all noodles are equal. Here are the results. Ah, comfort food. Whether it’s your grandmother’s chicken noodle soup or your Aunt Susan’s famous mashed potatoes, certain foods bring back memories of family traditions and good times. Growing up, my comfort food was pasta topped …

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Spring-time Treats (Part 1)

Cute spring eats are on the menu, and these look almost too good to devour—almost. Carrot Flower Recipe and photography by Heather Holly, Serves 4 Prep time: 5 minutes 1 celery stick 1 package baby carrots (about 40) ½ cup ranch dressing Put ½ cup of ranch dressing in a ramekin or small bowl. …

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Mother’s Day- Spring-time Treats (Part 2)

Spring has sprung, and with it comes these tasty treats. Today, it’s a too-cute breakfast. So dig your bunny paws into what’s in store! Bunny Pancakes Recipe and photography by Jenni Price, Serves 6 Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 6 minutes per pancake What You’ll Need: • Large mixing bowl • Electric mixer • …

Asseen in Yum

Coconut Oil: Do or Don’t?

While Dr. Oz and health experts are touting the benefits of coconut oil, the lack of scientific evidence indicates otherwise. However, this trendy ingredient hit supermarket shelves only recently. The saturated fat found in chocolate was once demonized as a contributor to heart disease, yet is now believed to be safe. So coconut lovers everywhere, …