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New Year’s Evening at the Pops

Give your kids a hoppin’, poppin’ fun New Year’s Eve party all their own. It’s likely that your kids are already in bed when the clock strikes midnight, missing the festivities adults enjoy when marking the New Year. This year, bring your kids into the fun—but just a few hours earlier. Let New Year’s celebrations …


Shake-it-up Blueberry Ice Cream

Shake-it-up Blueberry Ice Cream is a fun activity that comes with yummy results! Thinkstock Photo High-energy children will love to shake up this simple Shake-it-up Blueberry Ice Cream recipe. Even toddlers can make their own desserts. Forget about expensive ice cream makers; your kids will use their excess energy to shake this treat to completion! …


Cut-Out Sugar Cookies

Let classic recipes inspire your own Christmas treat-making party    Sugar Cookies Makes 24 cookies   Prep time: 10 minutes   Cook time: 10-12 minutes   Note: Dough must be refrigerated 2 hours before cutting into shapes. These sugar cookies are topped with rolled fondant (purchase store-bought) and embellished with Wilton’s Royal Icing, sanding sugar, …


Christmas Countdown

Craft one of these sweet Advent calendars. Lollipop Tree This will be a “pop”-ular way to count down to Christmas! Tissue-covered Dum Dum Pops or similar lollipops are disguised as colorful ornaments on this Advent calendar that pulls double-duty as festive holiday décor. • To create the textured tree, cut green paper napkins into approximately …


A D.I.Y. Hanukkah

This year, skip the ready-made decorations and treats and show your children how to make the holiday beautiful—and delicious! When my children were little, Hanukkah was a joyous time of bountiful presents and homemade latkes (potato pancakes). I can still remember the looks on their faces as they tore the gold foil off their chocolate …


Cupcake Rainbow

Create a Cupcake Rainbow for a sunny St. Patrick’s Day treat. You’ll need at least 24 cupcakes frosted the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet (ROY-G-BIV). Use white frosting and food coloring. Decorate with sprinkles, gumdrops, candy-coated chocolates or whatever you have on hand. Scatter gold-colored coins or gold …


Holiday Veggie Trays

For a nutritious option on your holiday table, try cute-as-can-be Holiday Veggie Trays for kids. Getting kids excited about eating veggies can be a difficult endeavor—especially during the holidays when sweet treats abound. But, if you make eating healthy fun, all it takes is a little extra time to whip up a veggie tray that …