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Angry Birds Lunch

This lunch is sure to receive a high score.



Make an interactive sandwich by trimming off the crust and cutting into beams to create a scene from the game.


Transform a Babybel-brand cheese into an Angry Bird. Trim eyebrows from grape fruit leather and beak from cheese using kitchen shears. Poke two holes into wax using a straw to insert candy eyes. These eyes can be found in the food decorating section at the craft store and are a must-have for lunches with personality! Adhere eyebrows and beak with honey or wrap cheese tightly with cling wrap to ensure pieces stay in place.


Creative cutting of fruits and veggies can make them fit into a theme. Here pineapples are sliced into triangles to mimic the yellow bird, and sliced cucumbers have two holes punched out using a straw to make green pig snouts.


Written and photographed by Lisa Storms

(Inspired by the video game by Rovio Entertainment.)

*Featured lunch box: Chirp by Auggie Home Collection, fluf.ca.



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